February 2023
We had our Annual Meeting and a Town Hall on Sunday, February 19. President Jill Carle called the meeting to order and inquired if a quorum was present. The ushers replied that it was. She then welcomed everyone and turned the meeting over to church Treasurer Candace Rodgers. Candy reported that we ended the year with $162,870.84 in the Checking account and $78,443.13 in the Thrivent High Yield Fund. She also presented the budget for 2023. It showed $181,413 in total giving for the year. Both reports were passed unanimously by the members present. Rick Ranta then conducted the Town Hall. It was a robust discussion with many questions about the call process being asked and answered. Rick introduced the Call committee.

December 2022
The Ashtabula Downtown Development Association sponsored Christmas parade was a great success. We were one of the parade participants. The theme this year was “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”. As the parade proceeded on the defined route Messiah members and friends walked alongside Ed Spencer’s pick up truck and handed out water bottles with our name and address inscribed on them. Our “abominable snowman” was constructed on the back of Ed’s pick up and was quite the hit. Ed is shown attaching the banner to his truck. We give a big tip of our caps to Emelia, Shyanna, Ed and Renee for all their work in getting this display ready for the parade.

November 2022
Call Process Update
The call committee has been formed! Thank you to Robin Wells, Rick Ranta, Shyanna Lindberg, Nancy Krajec, Marcel Fleming and John Higgins for agreeing to serve on this committee. In addition to these 6 voting members, being Messiah’s neighbor and his insight in the community, council has also asked Steve Sargent from the Samaritan House to serve as a resource person to the call committee. The council and call committee have a meeting with the synod on November 19th. Pastor Mitch Phillips will walk the call committee through the ministry site profile. Following this, the synod will help match available candidates to our profile and then the call committee will start the interview process. Thank you again to those who have helped with the process this far, and we appreciate the congregation's support.

Three Elected To Council
Dawn Grimm, Kathleen Shaffer and Joan Malkie were elected unanimously to Church Council at a meeting in early November. Congratulations and we thank you all very much for your willingness to serve.

Thanksgiving Dinner Was Great!
About 60 members participated in our Thanksgiving Dinner on November 20. Homer Young and Renee Spencer would like to express their appreciation to all of the volunteers who helped in any way.

October 2022
Auditor Appointed
Church Treasurer Candace Rodgers reports that Regina Haught has joined the Audit Committee as a third member of this group. She joins Barb Lewis and Mike Shaffer to meet with Candy and review the Church’s financial position and make certain that our income and expenses are properly accounted for. We thank Regina for agreeing to do this for us.

September 2022
Sunday School Is Starting
Shyanna Lindberg has announced that Sunday School will be starting on September 11. It will start at the same time that our Worship Service begins—10:00 am. At about 10:40 am the children will join the adults for communion. We really appreciate all of the work that Shyanna and Emelia have put into getting our Sunday School going again.   

August 2022
Our Annual Church Picnic was held August 21 at Saybrook township Park. A good crowd was present. Kathy Nordquest was the reader and Julie Quay was the Deacon.  

July 2022
VBS was amazing!
We happily welcomed over 20 children throughout the three days. I personally want to thank all the volunteers who helped. Without them I couldn’t do this event. With so many thanks, Shyanna.