Messiah Foundation
Giving Today for Tomorrow
The Messiah Lutheran Church Foundation began when three members of Messiah Lutheran Church felt that some plan should be established to look after the long term welfare of the church, its expansions in the future and provide a means to perpetuate gifts of money and securities.  The Messiah Lutheran Church Foundation was formally established on September 11, 1974. It is operated by a Board of Supervisors.

Foundation Gifts:
The purpose of the Foundation is to provide financial aid to Messiah.  During the first year, outright gifts amounted to $2,600.  In order to provide the strongest assurance of Messiah's future, it was fundamental that the Foundation grow.  Slowly, as friends and members learned more about it, it has and is still growing.  Foundation assets exceeded $16,000 by the end of 1980. Today, total assets have grown to over $655,000 through continuous, generous giving and responsible fiscal management.  The Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization.

Spending Policies:
We all know how quickly money can be spent.  There is no lack of worthy causes.  The Foundation prudently spends only from the growth and earnings of the investments of the Foundation's assets.  One of the safeguards of the Foundation is its general plan of aiding church projects that are of a lasting nature.

You Are Invited to Take Part:
Have you, as a member of Messiah, given thought to becoming a member of the Foundation?  There are many ways you might do it, and Pastor or any Foundation Supervisor will be happy to talk it over with you.
There are many ways to donate to the Foundation:  
- You may make an outright gift of cash.  The gift may be large or small.  
- You may make a gift of securities to the Foundation, tax deductable at the current market value, irrespective of your cost.  You pay no tax on the stock's capital gains.  
- You may make a contribution in terms of real property.
- You may set aside life insurance with the Foundation as beneficiary.
Whatever you give is tax deductable.

What Becomes of Your Gift:
Your gift is received by the Foundation.  Your gift and your name are permanently recorded in a Role of Honor and you become a member of the Foundation.  Your money, along with that of other donors, is invested through the services of Carnegie Investment Councel.  In this way income is earned and investments grow in value.  On average, only portions of the growth and income money is spent, leaving the original gifts in tack to keep on earning.  In this respect, your money keeps on giving to Messiah indefinately.  

Who Manages The Foundation:
A Board of appointed Supervisors plus the Pastor and the President of Church Council manage the Foundation assets and expenditures with the help of an investment counselor. Quarterly meetings are held to review statements, act on the recommendations of the investment counselor and determine how the growth should be used. 

Current Board of Supervisors (2022):
Marilyn Brown, President/Treasurer

Jill Carle
Sue Burkholder
Debbie Fleming
John Higgins
Keith Reinker
Ed Spencer
Robin Wells
Rev. Sarah Moore, Pastor

Paver Project Ongoing:
The Messiah Lutheran Church Foundation Courtyard Paver Project, a long term fundraising effort for the foundation, gives donors an opportunity to purchase engraved paver stones in the Messiah Foundation Courtyard located off the main hallway in the Church.
Pavers can be engraved in memory of loved ones, in recognition of families at Messiah, or to commemorate an important event or an inspirational message.
To date, thirty pavers have been installed. Future paver orders will be accumulated and prepared by Milano Monuments of Geneva, our partner for the project.
With the 500
 Anniversary of Luther's Reformation in the recent past and the pandemin delayed celebration of the 100 Anniversary of the Founding of Messiah Lutheran Church comming soon, a paver is a great opportunity to remember those who are dear to us here at Messiah.

Paver Order Forms are available in the Narthex or the Church Office.
To receive an electronic "Paver Order Form", email Ed Spencer:
Or call him at 440-992-8736