Welcome Home to Messiah!

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Messiah Lutheran Church

 Welcome Home to Messiah

All are Welcome

The Rev. Dr. Michael Meranda, Pastor

Holy Communion Service:
Postponed through Easter, Apr. 12th
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Sunday School
Cancelled through Apr. 12

Sunday Forum
Cancelled through Apr. 12
Lent Midweek Soup Supper

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Following the advice of our bishop and federal health protocols and in compliance with Governor DeWine's and state health officials directives, Messiah’s congregational council has concurred to cancel large group worship events here thru April 12th.
The next two Sunday liturgies,
Palm Sunday, April 5th & Easter Sunday, April 12th are postponed. 

Wednesday Lenten soup supper liturgies are cancelled for 2020. 
More announcements will follow as to when Messiah will be open for prayer times that conform to federal guidelines. 

We are not without spiritual resources. The Facebook Page Messiah Lutheran Church Ashtabula (maintained by Sue Riley) hosts all sorts of positive and helpful posts. The Facebook Page that I write, Good Day, provides relevant biblical / prayerful perspectives. Links to these pages are provided on the website and are usefull for those not registered on Facebook - Pages can still be accessed via these links.

In addition to Facebook, Frank Maenpa edits Messiah's web page -- www.messiahashtabula.com. Helpful pieces show up there, such as sermons from our Bishop Allende and my own Pastor's Page.

In addition to Facebook and www.messiahashtabula.com, I promise that very soon we'll be recording and posting audio-visual vignettes and such on our YouTube channel & website. 

We've weathered many crises in our lifetimes, none perhaps as dangerous as this -- certainly none as socially isolating as this. We understand we cannot physically be with one another. But we can certainly pray for one another, phone each other, message each other, and email each other. 

Today's Gospel is that powerful story of Jesus raising Lazarus. Lazarus was dead, really dead. Life was over. But when God in Christ is present, life is never over. One of God's many gifts for us is to lead us thru death into life. God will bring us to deeper life after Codiv-19's march toward death. Exactly what that new gift of life will be like for us, we do not yet know. But we are people of faith. We know there will be renewed life because we know we will be with Christ. It will be our privilege when this is over to look back upon this time and to marvel at the patient resourcefulness that God provided.

During this pandemic I appreciate perspectives from Psalms 40 and 41. (“Though we are afflicted, the Lord has plans for us; You are our help and savior, do not delay, O God.” 40:17)
Peace is ours. We’ll get thru this,
Michael Meranda, pastor